Seagrass Wallpaper

Seagrass wallpaper adds intriguing, earthy and natural textures to the walls of your home. The weaved effect that these kinds of wallpapers have lends itself perfectly to the modern home and is a look that many young home-owners use to achieve that sense of airiness and charm within a property.

seagrass wallpaper

Seagrass wallpaper is best suited to homes which have an open layout and open outwards where there is lots of light entering the rooms. The reason for this is that by their very nature these types of wall covering are darker than the average and usual tones that you might paint with – therefore it’s essential that there is light coming into the spaces that have this finish on their walls. As far as rough textured wallpaper goes this is one of the most extreme you’ll find. The good thing about it though is that it comes in the colour of your choosing so you won’t have the unenviable job of having to paint it!
dark brown seagrass wallpaperSeagrass wallpaper looks great in homes that have a natural and light finish in other areas. This type of wallpaper sets itself off superbly against white paint and looks great against wood that it painted white such as skirting boards and mantelpiece shelves. It’s becoming increasingly popular with more and more department stores globally that are now stocking this kind of wallpaper.

Customers are always looking for a combination of style and quality when they go shopping for this kind of good and in the main this wallpaper will deliver on that score. If you live in an airy and open property you could really add a touch of natural class by considering using seagrass wallpaper instead of just painting the surfaces. Give it a go and you’ll love the look.

TIP: The thickness of seagrass wallpaper can add an extra level of noise insulation to the home.. a nice little bonus!