Seagrass Storage

If you’re anything like me you probably get nagged a fair bit by your better half for leaving stuff untidy around the house. Don’t fret however, as help is close at hand! By creatively using seagrass storage to keep things tucked away you can keep your partner happy by keeping the place tidy as well as adding a great look and feel to your living areas. It’s not uncommon to get a bit addicted to seagrass storage and start buying bits and pieces for every room as there are so many products to choose from these days that this is definitely possible! Take the picture below for example – what greater way to store all of your little bits and pieces than in this delightful freestanding storage option.
These free-standing seagrass storage units come in all shapes and sizes so they can be utilized for just about any kind of storage need you might have. Just using my imagination now, I can see my smalls going in one basket, my socks in another and then another one entirely for those kind of in-between type things that always seem to get left on the floor at my place! See how easy it is to start organizing your home better and creating much more workable and comfortable spaces in which to live. Trust me, your relationship will benefit too as you won’t be annoying your partner by leaving stuff all over the place anymore so it’s clearly a win-win for all concerned! It’s an ideal situation in which you can keep your partner happy and at the same time upgrade the look of your home. Seagrass Storage
Wall hanging seagrass storage Another brilliant type of storage option when it comes to seagrass is the kind where you can hang open storage spaces upon the wall (as in the example on the left). This gets your things up off the floor and into manageable compartments in one easy step! Simply bang a nail or screw into the wall, hook your new seagrass storage onto it and away you go. You could put literally anything in the storage spaces that are now available. In the lounge or diner, I tend to use mine for storing magazines, newspapers and TV guides as well as some other light reading materials if the need arises. If you stop and think for a minute you will find that there are literally tons of things you could store in this way. It doesn’t matter which room of the house you are in as this simple way of storing your belongings becomes second nature. In fact, I’d go as far as saying it’s a little bit addictive and the fact that seagrass looks great too is another bonus as you are also adding to that homely feel of your house at the same time.