Seagrass Rugs

If you’ve got a bit too much floor showing in a room it can often look a bit odd, like it needs a little something to fill up the space and give it some direction. Adding seagrass rugs can give the room a real lift and turn it into a stylish and welcoming place!

seagrass rugs

Made from woven seagrass, these rugs are individually handmade and are intricately put together to give each product its own unique stamp. These rugs have a natural appearance and give an earthy feel to both interior and exterior living spaces.
The woven design of seagrass rugs makes them an excellent choice for any part of your home. Welcome guests in style by adorning your hallways with these items. You can purchase extremely varied designs and some of the weaving is truly an art form! Some of the more luxurious seagrass rugs would perhaps best be suited for the living room, where their natural hay-like colouring brings warmth to your surroundings.
Caring for seagrass rugs couldn’t be any easier – treat it in the same way as you would seagrass carpet. Any dry spills to rugs can be remedied by rubbing or scraping off the offending substance with a blunt object such as a spoon; even using your nails will be fine should you not be too worried about breaking them in the process of course! Wet spills are a different matter; these should be dealt with by using the usual method of caring for liquid spills. Mop or dab the spill gently and do not apply excessive rubbing as this may further force the spill into the rug. Start any mopping from the outside and work inwards, as is standard practice care for this type of thing.