Seagrass Chairs

Is there a more stylish chair on the market today? Probably not. Seagrass chairs have been growing in popularity over the last few years and when you look at the wide variety of styles and designs available you will understand why. Seagrass chairs are extremely striking, whether finished in the lighter tan or darker brown colour. The contrast of these chairs against the other pieces of furniture in your home will lend your living space a touch of rustic elegance. Be the envy of your friends by pulling them out one of these chairs to sit on next time you host a gathering or social event. Often the preferred choice of boutique restaurants and hotels, seagrass chairs give off a very distinctive air of class and quality.
So, what style of seagrass chairs appeal to you most? Whichever it is, try not to be won over too much by the design as it is more important that the chair is comfortable to sit on, especially if you plan on using it for extended amounts of time. Seagrass is a very durable naturally occuring product, so you should feel confident that this product will last a long time if it has been manufactured to a high enough standard. Sometimes it pays to import seagrass chairs from a foreign country or somewhere that seagrass is harvested as this can make it less expensive to buy. However, try to ensure that the seagrass has been farmed in an ethical manner and that our environment is not being damaged in any way. seagrass chairs
The beauty of seagrass chairs is that they look just as good arranged on laminate, carpet or rugs – so bear in mind that they are a very versatile chair for use around the home. There are many different styles and shapes to choose from including high-back, open-back, oval and armchairs to name but a few. Another great thing about seagrass chairs is that they look fantastic with seat cushions on them. These can be strapped to the seated area or just placed there loosely. Here you have a great opportunity to create further contrast on the chairs. For example, use a lighter cream cushion with darker seagrass chairs or a darker cushion with lighter seagrass chairs. Get the idea? Simple isn’t it?!