Seagrass Carpet

seagrass carpet
In recent times, it has become very popular to create natural, rustic looks within the home by furnishing with materials and colors which give this impression. Seagrass carpet is an excellent option to go with when trying to achieve this look.
As with seagrass rugs, there is a high level of durability and resistance with seagrass carpet; it can be laid with confidence as its natural dark hue and resistance to the penetration of dirt make it a choice that not only looks stylish but also provides a high degree of longevity. There are also a huge variety of designs available, so you are able to create unique living spaces that will really impress you friends and family!


  • Fit on urethane underlay – this is the preferred method of laying this type of carpet.
  • Seagrass carpet can be glued directly to the floor without the presence of underlay. This will give you a firmer feel under foot and will be better suited to having furniture moved around on it.
  • It needs to be noted that fitting of seagrass carpet can in most cases be more expensive that that of standard carpets. You’ll need to take this into account when working out costs and budgeting for your home improvements.

This is fairly straighforward although it is essential to treat any spills quickly, so as to prevent the liquid creating a permanent stain on the fabric. It is not recommended (due to dangers of accidents inherent with doing this) to fit seagrass carpet to staircases. Due to the rigid nature of this type of carpet it does not bend very well around things such as stairs. Also, if not fitted perfectly, some slippage can occur which of course is not ideal on a staircase! Stick to decking your hallways and reception rooms with seagrass carpet instead.