Seagrass Bench

Imagine one of these beauties in the hallway or on the landing of your property. I think you’ll agree that they will give it a fantastic and stylish look which will be adored by all who see it. Think of when you’re waiting to go out and waiting for your better half to get ready…just take a seat on your seagrass bench and wait for them there!
seagrass bench
Don’t be tempted to buy any old bench for your home, make sure you consider getting a seagrass bench because they look a lot better than your average. The rustic and earthy look of this kind of furniture speaks volumes for a timeless and classical look that will never look outdated. Sure, a seagrass bench might set you back a couple of hundred dollars more than a standard one but you will probably never need to replace it and this makes that money well spent.
dark legged seagrass benchMost of the designs for seagrass benches have short and stubby legs, if you’re looking for something higher you might need to consider an alterntive as these always tend to look like this.

Some of the designs come with built in storage which is really handy if you need to save some space around the home. Think of it as a double-whammy.. you’ll be adding to the look and feel of your home and at the same time enabling yourself to de-clutter.. the perfect combination and result!

One thing to look out for when buying a seagrass bench is to make sure that it is sturdy enough to sit on if it is your intention of doing so. Some of the benches we have seen are quite rickety and whilst they look great would not take too well to be sat on for long periods. Just be sure that you get one that’s built to last if this is your intention. For most people a bench like this is bought just for the look so this is not such an important consideration.