Seagrass Bar Stools

Looking for the finishing touch to your kitchen, conservatory or breakfast bar? You might find that seagrass bar stools are just what you’re looking for. The contrast of the intricate woven seagrass against dark wood gives a striking and lasting impression to this type of furniture. Perhaps you own an outdoor bar and are looking for some stylish sit up furniture? If so, you could do a lot worse than picking up some seagrass bar stools. Sturdy, well made stools with tightly stretched woven seagrass will give you a lasting, firm seat on which to sit. If properly made, the seat won’t sag and as a result you will find that sitting on these stools is a pleasurable experience.
There are two popular designs of seagrass bar stools to choose from:

1. Backless bar stools (as right). These are perfect for the breakfast bar or an outdoor bar or restaurant.

2. High back bar stools (as below). Equally as good for the breakfast bar and will give you better comfort levels if sitting for sustained periods.

Whatever design of seagrass bar stools that you opt for, be sure to test it out first by sitting on it in a store and changing position a few times. It’s really important that you are happy with how comfortable the stool is before you make the purchase.

Seagrass Bar Stools
Seagrass Bar Stools As with most other seagrass products, looking after seagrass bar stools is a fairly simple thing to do. Keep them clean from dirt by running a mini vacuum cleaner over them every now and then. Dont fret if you spill something on them either as the natural coating of seagrass means that it does not easily absorb moisture or dirty stains. If you spill liquid on your stool then blot or dab it clean with a plain, dry cloth. If something has become stuck to the seagrass you may find it easier to get it off using a blunt knife or something similar. Look after them and your seagrass bar stools will look after you! They are hardy and durable and will last you a long time if cared for correctly.